Fruits of St. Lucia

Wax Apple Tree 

Have you every traveled somewhere and immediately fell in love? That's how many people feel when they come to St. Lucia. 
From the friendly locals to the delicious food, visiting St. Lucia should be added to everyone's bucket list. 
One thing We love most about St. Lucia is the abundance in vegetation. You will find just about every fruit you can imagine. 

Here are some of our favorite fruits of St. Lucia:

Bernard himself with a Sweet Pineapple 

Cashew Fruit (you can see the cashew nut on the bottom)

The wonderful sweet and sour Tamarind 

Star Fruit ( 5 finger fruit as the Lucians call them) 

The wonderfully sweet mangoes!

St. Lucia Fruit
Mangoes, Star Apples and Tamarind  - Yummy! 


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